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Countries of Operation

Countries of Operation

HIJRA is an emergency response organization working to address the immediate needs of vulnerable populations in South Central Somalia, Kenya and Uganda.  HIJRA understands the impact of war, famine and displacement often entering situations of conflict and unrest to ensure that care is provided.  In such, instances HIJRA works to ensure the safety of its beneficiaries and staff by adhering to a strict policy of transparency, neutrality and accountability.

Hijra works to develop and implement lifesaving initiatives throughout the Horn of Africa; Somalia, Kenya and Uganda.

The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is a region known for its civil wars, internal political turmoil, famine, man-made and natural disasters. The regions unpredictable environmental, humanitarian, and political patterns coupled with its communities overall loss of livelihoods has led to the deterioration of developmental growth leaving the its countries in a state of stalled development.

The weak governmental capacities, insufficient and under-resourced social services, high levels of ethnic strife, refugees and Internally Displaced has created an environment that currently represents 3 percent of the world’s population, yet requires 40 percent of the world’s food aid.

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