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Clean Drinking Water in Jaamacadda IDP settlements - Mogadishu


HIJRA continues to pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of safe drinking water to those most in need in Jaamacadda zone of Hodan district – Mogadishu.

Water is an essential resource for life. If people do not have access to water, they must go to where there is a supply in order to survive. In light of this, HIJRA is committed in supplying quantity of water that meet the sphere standards so as to reduce vulnerability of targeted IDPs and host communities to public health risks associated with lack access of clean drinking water.

Clean water may sound simple. It is taken for granted in many parts of the world. But its impact is profound. It saves lives. It allows IDPs to stabilize, women to work or care for children. It also allows host communities to strengthen.

Fatima Adam is an IDP living in Jaamacadda IDP settlement; she is the mother of 5 children, all living in the same makeshift shelter. IMG 0428

Fatima and her sibling can now access clean water from the tap stands nearby and they don’t have to take the long dangerous path to the far away shallow well every day in order to fetch contaminated water.

While clean water is important, proper sanitation and hygiene is also an important part of healthy living in the camp. Additional HIJRA support for water, sanitation and hygiene, includes jerry cans to collect water, soap, latrines, and public health promotion activities. There are also sanitary packages provided for the women in Jaamacadda. “Cleanliness is half of the faith,” says one of the HIJRA staff on the ground.

In the continuation to community and beneficiary needs, HIJRA advocates sustainibility for its water and sanitation programming in Jaamacadda area - Mogadishu.

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