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HIJRA Continues Provision of Hygiene materials In Jaamacadda IDP settlement - Mogadishu

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Mumina Ali has been internally displaced person in her own country for the last five years. She is currently seeking refuge in Jaamacadda IDPs settlement of Hodan district in Mogadishu with her four children.

“Getting water used to be very difficult for us. In the past we had only one tap-stand for more than 200 IDP’s. We would spend hours in long queues hoping just to fill one 20 liter jerry-can. That was our daily routine for me and for my little ones; if we didn't wait we didn't get water. We can now access clean drinking waters with no more long queues.” - says Mumina

"My worst fear is that my children will not have a place called home, we were living one camp to another again and again for a long time" Mumina laments...

Today thousands of IDPs are seeking refuge in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.  Many of them had witnessed a cycle of displacement and prolonged conflicts. Many people are today forced to create shelters in the camps with no tangible infrastructure in place.

Mumina Ali has been worried where to get sanitary kits for her and others women in the camp. “The shame of not accessing clean sanitary protection kits when most needed was overwhelming for the child-bearing mom and young girls. For us there is no dignity in using tattered old fabrics and filthy cotton, many of us have been humiliated” she says.Resize of DSC03756

HIJRA works to address these issues not only through the construction of latrines and provision of clean drinking water but also supplying of clean sanitary protection kits to mothers and young children in the IDP camps, In Mumina’s camp, hundreds have benefited in the recent provision of hygiene promotion materials that was conducted in June.

HIJRA’s goal in the provision of sanitation and hygiene materials tools are intended to meet the need of woman and girl IDPs to live with dignity.

HIJRA has also been farther conducting a sanitation campaign designed to empowerment women in the IDP camps through water and sanitation trainings, committed campaigns and women groups hygiene materials distributions in many IDP camps of the capital city – Mogadishu. 

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