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HIJRA supports Banadir Hospital - Mogadishu

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As a result of the hot season and lack access of safe drinking water, it is a common occurrence to witness acute watery diarrhea in this part of the world. Recent drought in many regions has also contributed the spread of the disease this time. Most of water catchments are long dried up and, water is considered as precious commodity in many regions thus people left their homes and headed to Mogadishu in search of water and food. There was an also an increase in the acute watery diarrhea cases reported at Mogadishu and surrounding areas.


In response to this, HIJRA in partnership with SHF started to support Banadir Hospital cholera treatment center and Rehabilitations have been made to the toilets (both adults and children), hand washing facilities were also erected during the CTC, walls on the newly rehabilitated toilets and office were also covered with new paintings.  Electricity equipment and bulbs were also installed at the site, doors and windows of these sites were also replaced with new glass windows. 18451722 1567353100003727_1207325205819472210_o


I am so grateful to the hospital and also HIJRA organization for their efforts in supporting this Cholera treatment center to be in a good working condition for the children suffering from AWD/Cholera ailments” says Mano Yusuf, a mother of nine children who lost their father during the recent drought. “Apart from treating my two children who were suffering from acute watery diarrhea, HIJRA has taught me a number of prevention methods through their medical staff on the ground. I am now capable of protecting my family and I will too pass the messages to my neighbors residing at Hamar-jajab district of Mogadishu

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