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Maryama and her children access clean drinking wate


“Old habits die hard, but I always tell my children that we have to use the latrine and about how important it is for us to wash our hands afterwards. We now know that using latrines keeps us healthy and keeps our community clean” says Maryama, a mother of five who lives in Jaamacadda IDP settlements in Mogadishu.

“Before the onset of water platforms in our IDP camps we used to fetch water from a shallow well very far away from here every morning - a chore before we go to Bakara market for casual works. Every mother in the neighbourhood had to do so" Maryama says.

Maryan has been assisted by HJRA projects in water and sanitation related activities including the provision of clean drinking water, latrines dislodging, and provision of hygiene kits and also garbage collection activities in the IDP camps at Jaamacaddaha area of Hodan district in Mogadishu.

Maryama and her children can now access clean drinking water from the tap stands nearby and they don’t have to take the long dangerous path to the far away shallow well every day in order to fetch contaminated water.

Maryama and her children also access a latrine close to their shelter and do not have to go to the bushes in order to relieve themselves when Mother Nature calls.

Without this assistance, Maryama and her children would have been relieving themselves in the bushes nearby and the risk of abuse would have been so high especially during the night time. Moreover “open defecation free” IDP settlement can save lives on the ground.

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