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HIJRA was founded in 1992 by a collective of professionals, community leaders and individuals  in order to respond to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis following the collapse of the Somali state in 1991.

HIJRA, the Arabic term for migration was chosen to give voice and ensure that the memory of those that first inspired us to action. HIJRA, Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid symbolizes our reason for existence.

From the beginning the initiative has been dedicated to ensuring the survival of the most defenseless through immediate emergency intervention and the development of long term self-sustaining solutions.

HIJRA has grown from an indigenous organization of 12 into an international group of 75. Our dedicated staff and partner organizations have assisted and allowed HIJRA to establish over 50 lifesaving programs and provide care to over 280,000 individuals.

Our Origins as a “local solution to a local problem” has translated into 18 years of providing lifesaving care in one of the world’s most poverty stricken regions.

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